Set screw fell out while milling

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Any idea where this set screw could have come off my Shapeoko 5? I was in the middle of a run when it fell off. Landed front right side.

Someone suggested the belt motor sprocket. Where would that be on a 5?

Of course there’s no belts on a 5. :wink:

Not having a 5, would the stepper motor connection use those? Same looking Set Screw for my XXL Stepper.

Good luck

Write in to — we have a movement guide which should cover this.

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Possibly from the button on top of the bit setter? I had one that looked about like that show up early on. You might check there.

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Email sent! I’ve looked around and see nothing missing on the stepper or the bit setter that I can see

That screw looks like a grub screw? On the Z axis there are two rail guides on each side that have tiny screw to lube the guides. The top rail guides have the screw on the top of the guides and the lower guides they are on the bottom of the guides which are hard to see. When I first got my 5 Pro I had one fall out.

Those appear to be shorter than the two set screws on the shaft couplings. I took one out recently to order some spares from McMaster, and the set screws measured as M4 x 0.7mm thread x 8mm long, with a 2mm drive size.

I haven’t tested the new ones to confirm, but I’m fairly confident you can rule the couplings out.

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Looks like a screw from the ball screw oiler ports, i’ve had those fall out on my Pro 5.

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