Set screws loose from factory

I got my machine all setup, started doing test cuts and practice runs. Two days after setting up the machine I hear a grinding crunch noise… ruh roh. I hit the emergency shutoff. I check all over the machine, and I cannot find anything. I start it back up… initialize and everything seems to be running fine. I start doing movements manually around the work area to see if I can replacate when suddenly moving left on the X axis I hear it again and see the machine refuse to go left on the X axis and vibrate hard. I shut it down and check again. I finally found a set screw laying under the belt binding on the rail and the wheels. After googling info and doing some investigating, I discover that these tiny set screws are what holds the belt pulleys onto the stepper motor spindles.

So, I cleaned up the threads on this damage one, I added some blue loctite and put it back in. I then check all my set screws on all motors and I found three others loose. I pulled all set screws on the machine and put blue loctite on them and reseated them. It looks like a few of the ones that were not loose had possibly some red loctite on them? Im not sure, but they all do now.

Anyway, this is just a PSA that anyone buying a new machine better check these set screws just to be safe. Luckily the damage to my machine was minimal, just some light scratches and dinks into the rail.


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