Set zeroes / initiate Probe cycle with KB shortcut or gamepad

Hi! I’m wondering if it’s possible to control more of the jogging process end-to-end with KB shortcuts/a gamepad.

It feels limiting to be able to jog via shortcuts/gamepad if you still have to walk back to the computer to initiate probing or set your zeroes. And then after that step is complete, and the modal closes, it seems that CM is no longer in focus and the shortcuts stop working, so I have to click back in the CM window to get it in focus again before I can continue any other shortcuts. I would love to be able to do more of my workflow with just a gamepad/wireless KB and not have to walk back and forth to the computer as much.

I’ve considered setting up some macros with 3rd party apps so that a keypress triggers multiple mouse actions but that seems fairly brittle.

Just wondering how feasible this is as I think it would be a big QOL improvement.


EDIT: I should mention that my laptop is on Windows 10 with respect to the “CM loses focus” comments. Not sure if this is an issue on other OSes.

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