Setting back to zero

If I understand the process. When a job finishes the router moves out of the way. All I need to do, if I want to make the same part is put the new material where the first part was and press run.

My question is if you have to stop the job because of a problem. Is there way to get back to the original zero point without homing?

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this is really what homing is for… at least the reasons I end up having to stop are things that most likely have the machine coordinates out of whack

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Depending on what G-code sender you’re using, perhaps you might be able to stop a job and not home. I seem to recall that if you pause then stop a job in Carbide Motion, Carbide Motion runs an immediate homing cycle. (This should be noted, then, just like the end-of-job motion CM adds.)

Of course, if you catch something about to happen, going forward without homing again should be just fine. The coordinates are stored values in the controller, so they don’t care when you home. If things have already gone pear-shaped, however, losing your machine coordinate reference (by losing steps or what have you) is generally a good assumption, so homing is called for in order to regain machine home.

Carbide Motion seems to re-home if the job is stopped — however, that homing doesn’t change the existing offset, so zero should still be zero (within the limits of the homing switches’ precision/accuracy).

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