Setting is useless for Nomdad Pro

Setting form CM 428, suggest to put these buttons inactive since it is Put these buttons inactive since it is useless for Nomdad pro. It is or not dangerous if click on these buttons ???

By mistake, I clicked on SEND CONFIG DATA…

Yes, overwriting the defaults on a Nomad with the defaults for a Shapeoko would be bad.

Protecting the user by disabling the “SETUP SHAPEOKO” button when connected to a Nomad is a good idea — @robgrz concur?

so, what should i do to correct or reset the defaults for normad Pro?

I believe “SEND CONFIG DATA” is aware of which machine it is connected to — the “SETUP SHAPEOKO” button should alter the settings to match a specific machine before it is used — so you’d forgo using the SHAPEOKO button and just use the SEND CONFIG DATA if my assumption is correct.

Nomads come configured from assembly/commissioning, so should already be set up though — is there some specific reason you believe you need to resend the configuration?

I accidentally clicked on it

If the machine moves normally still, you should be fine (per my assumption as noted above).

If not, let us know at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.