Setting text (or insetting it)

When setting text there are a couple of options, depending on material, tooling, &c.

Consider a 1" x 1" area with text (but which one wants to cut an 0.5" tall area out of):

Zooming in the tittle the text is sized so that:

only a tiny endmill would work:

Enlarging the circle to a size which can be cut with the smallest endmill which Carbide Create sells we see that it is much larger then the smallest details:

Fortunately, a V Carving toolpath is not so limited:

and if we wish to cut around so that the text is raised we simply select the text and the rectangle:

and assign an Advanced V carving toolpath with pocket clearing:

Resulting in:

In order to pocket the text, the size needs to be increased to the point that the endmill will fit in the narrowest pass w/ ~10% to spare, so:

which pockets as:

To cut that out in relieve we need to ensure that the space around the text will admit the endmill:

so select the text and the rectangle:


Thanks Will. Helpful and simply explained. Another useful tutorial which has confirmed the setting aside of space on my storage system for @WillAdams tutorials so that I can classify them for easy retrieval later.