Setting the bit setter forward

How do I incrementally move the X axis forward incrementally so when I move to bit zero function that with a large 1 1/2” surface planer it is far enough forward that the bit won’t hit the spoil board before it presses the bit setter button

Sorry should have said “BIT SETTER” not bit zero as the default location

If there is mechanically enough room put a spacer between the frame and the BitSetter. Then jog over to the center of our BitSetter and go to Settings and set the current position as the BitSetter position. The SO3 had quite a bit of room in front of the front frame. Some of the newer machines do not have as much as the SO3. You could go into settings in the configuration and increase the Y axis but do not extend it so far that you hit the mechanical stop. There is a cushion all the way on the stock configuration for each type of machine. If you manually change the configuration be sure to write it down because if you do the configuration with the stock settings you will lose your custom setting and will need to reenter it to get the extra space at the front. So incrementally increase the Y and test it by initializing and then jogging all the way to the front and make sure you dont hit the mechanical limit.

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