Setting the bit setter

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When setting the bit setter, at which position in ‘Z’ should the router/bit be located?
Almost touching the bit setter? Or that is too close? Should it be above the .mdf table?


When enabling/configuring the BitSetter, Z does not matter (the BitSetter location setting is the X and Y coords only).

After setting up the BitSetter though, and while your are at it, I recommend installing the shortest endmill you have, and make sure you can jog (carefully) low enough on Z that this short endmill can reach the BitSetter button and push it until it triggers (use 1mm jog step). If you are a few mm short, you can adjust Z travel in the Travel Dimensions menu. I know I had to (it’s normal, every ones uses different tools, and for the shortest ones you may need to do this. For the long ones like that #301, this is not necessary)


When I am setting up my Pro, I can only jog the machine forward enough for the bit to get half way over the bitsetter. How does one get the router forward enough to be centered on the bitsetter?

Edit your Travel Dimensions, increasing the Y-axis movement to allow the endmill to be centered over the BitSetter.

I loaded the “defaults”. Am I to overwrite the travel limits to be shy of touching the from rail supports? Thanks.

Yes, edit the Travel Dimensions for the Y-axis to allow the gantry to come enough further forward to center the endmill over the BitSetter — an additional 5mm or so should be sufficient.

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