Setting up a shared environment

I just started using Fusion, so i apologize if this is a known thing already.

I have a hobbyist account and my buddy has a paid account. I created some simple designs using my hobbyist account that i want to share with him to review, make edits, share back with me so i can review, make edits, etc.

I figured out how to share a folder/project with him and he is able to see everything that’s in there as well as open it. However, everything is read only. He’s not able to save any changes back into my shared project folder.

Is this a limitation of the hobbyist license or do i have something setup wrong on my end, or is it something on his end?

Is there a different way we should setup a shared environment? I saw something about creating a team but haven’t looked into that yet.

Looks like that may be another unhelpful restriction of the hobby license;

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Well that stinks.

You would think they would at least allow the files created in a hobby license to be editable by someone with the paid license.

Guess i don’t understand what they are trying to prevent by removing the collaboration feature.

You could go back to the old method of “exporting” a.k.a. “saving” the files locally as f3d and sharing them on google drive or emailing them to your friend?

Autodesk is a profit driven company and the “Hobbyist” license is not important to them. As you said you dont understand why they made collaboration harder is to convert you to a paid license. The Hobbyist license was a great thing, perhaps too great, thus the crack down to turn you into a paying customer. It is after all a capitalist world and profit is king. So it was great while it lasted, but as many things all good things come to an end.

So are the files locked down to the specific hobbyist user that created it?..meaning you can’t even share between other hobbyist licensed users.

I understand the almighty dollar is what keeps the world turning and i can understand why they did some of the changes they did. Being able to share files from equal license to equal license and at least low level license up to higher level (but not back down) should have zero impact to the bottom line. Collaboration and sharing of files is what get’s people excited about a program, hence why i’m using it after being a dedicated SolidWorks user for 20yrs.

If it wasn’t important to them, they wouldn’t bother with it.

The initially allowed the abuse of their “Startup” license so as to drive usage and generate content. A search for “autodesk Fusion 360” yields over a quarter of a million hits.

Now that they’ve got all the content they need for marketing and free tutorials, they’re trying to determine what else can be done in accord with the concept of shareholder primacy.

What my comment meant was Autodesk wants to convert you to a paying customer and making the free product more restrictive incentives you to become a paying customer. The same goal is true of Carbide3d and almost every company is to sell you a good usable product that you will come back for more but make money for the company. I am not trying to disrespect Autodesk but if they were not interested in making money they would continue the full unrestricted version for hobbyists they had until recently. It is much like in the old days the shaving blade manufacturer gave you a razor buy you had to buy the blades to go in it and the blades are where the money is made.

Well they did just that to me :disappointed:

Even though i started using Fusion 360 a day or two before the new “features” went into affect, the slow rapids, inability to collaborate with other users, etc. impacted me enough that a seat had to be purchased. Thank god at least it was 40% off, otherwise i would’ve seriously rethought moving forward with the Shapeoko.

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