Setting up Toolpaths Fusion 360

I’ve spent several weeks learning 360 and have several designs I want to start machining, starting with a simple box. I’m really struggling with setting up the toolpaths as I am getting very long machining times. I suspect I am setting my feeds and speeds too conservatively, and for adaptive clearing, I may not have my optimal loads and multiple depth setting aggressive enough. Would one of you Fusion experts make a suggestion or tell me if I am way off base or if I need to make other settings? I could jack all the settings, but I don’t want to tear something up by getting too carried away. Here what I’m starting with for clearing some pockets for a box in medium hard wood.

1/4 in #210 flat EM doing adaptive clearing
On the tool tab I have spindle speed at 20,000 and feedrate at 60 IPM I left all the other settings as generated.

On the passes tab optimal load is at .1, using multiple depths with a max stepdown of .25 in.

I’m getting a machining time of almost an hour for this one operation (clearing a 4x6 1 inch deep pocket in each half of the box.

I’ve only got access to my phone right now, but it sounds like your spindle speed is very high for your feed rate.

Have you had a look at the ebook @Julien has put together? It has some great starting points for feeds and speeds. Check out Shapeoko e-book [V2 released]

Also can you share a link to your fusion360 file to give us an idea of your setups and design?


Share a link to your F360 project, it’ll be easier for us to go and play with F&S directly in your toolpaths and make useful recommendations


Thanks for the suggestions. I went ahead a ran the project since it was my first one created in 360 and I needed to learn from the experience. Also, it was a two-sided setup, so I wanted to see how well that worked out. Basically, the feeds and speeds I selected for the adaptive clearing seemed about right. It did take a long time to run, but considering I was hogging out a bunch of wood with a 1/4" EM, I guess that was OK. I did have some issues with burning while slot milling the perimeters, but I used a ramp in and the ramp speed was way too low. I’m not used to all the features in 360 CAM such as ramps and helix plunges, but I will make some adjustments on my next project. Those tool moves could have definitely benefited from some increased feed rates.

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