Setting XY limits for wasteboard

I have a new 4XXL and I’m having issues with the boundaries. When I went to surface my wasteboard, I noticed I was able to go right up to the front edge of the machine in the Y direction, but I am several inches away from being able to reach the back part of the wasteboard.

I recently got a bitsetter and I’ve noticed that it seems to throw off the Y zero when it comes to the front for bit changes. Seems like it’s trying to go beyond the Y boundary.

This leads me to wonder if the boundary is translated forward slightly causing it to miss the back and try to overshoot the front. How do I fix this? Currently XY sizes are both 835.

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I wrote a bit about determining the machine limits at:

What Y position do you have entered for your BitSetter location?

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The table for the pro and 5 have this issue. The physical limits of the X is reduced to accomadate the dust collection that extends beyond the width of the z assembly. You can increase the congig for x just dont go past the physical limits.

I wrote a doc for 3 models that can be used if you want a supplemental waste board on top of factory base.

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)

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