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Is it possible to provide consistency with the “Save as…” and “Save GCode…” options within CC, so after saving the project to a folder, saving GCode uses a path to the same folder? It may only be me, but I save versions of the project throughout the design process, until I save the GCode - which I can then struggle to find because it defaults to the last saved folder for the previous project and I didn’t check it before I saved it!

Also, could CC and CM be programmed to use a common ‘settings.ini’ file (or a specific ‘default.ini’ file) to remember user-defined preferences, e.g. a default folder location, default workpiece size, etc? It does seem a bit arbitrary for the stock size settings to be set from the previously opened project, and this would be really helpful when using versions of CC and/or CM on different machines.

Thank you.

CC and CM are supposed to now remember the previous folder used — please provide step-by-step notes on a scenario of usage where they do no.

The common .ini thing I think would be a bit confusing for users and a combinatorial problem for installation since the following scenarios would have to be tested for:

  • Carbide Create and Carbide Motion installed, but not launched, both have default settings
  • Carbide Create installed, launched, customized, Carbide Motion newly installed
  • Carbide Create newly installed, Carbide Motion installed, launched, customized

But the developers would need to consider and decide on that — I’m sure that they’ll see this message.

I’m sure they do (and in CC the last workpiece size, too), but I think the last folder used should be the same for both “Save as…” options in CC, rather than each ‘remembering’ their own, separate last folder.

I wasn’t expecting users to hunt the file down and edit it, but rather select options in CC or CM for the programs to remember them?

Perhaps a Settings tab (like the Design, Model and Toolpaths tabs) could be implemented to set those preferences - and maybe extend the option to include a common tool library…

Just saying :yo-yo:

SVG import, Gcode Output, c2d input, SVG and PNG export - all have different directories - I believe SVG import is currently not remembering properly (it still defaults to the Carbide installation folder) - the others remember the last one.

What’s missing though, is support for the concept of a “Project Folder” - that place where you want to put all artifacts for a particular project (c2d, nc, SVGs, PNGs, etc.) - so you can keep them organized. I’m sure this would be considered a popular work-method. If we had a project folder, you would SAVE the c2D to that folder, and the .NC save would automatically default to the same folder. Exports would also go to that folder by default.

Some people, however, want to keep their GCODE files in a GCODE folder - perhaps on a network share that they can connect to from their CM machine. The problem with that is that the .NC file currently does not carry enough information about the project (like overall size of the workpiece, the expected thickness of the material, the origin (center or lower left, etc.)…and having the c2d file becomes a necessity, unless you can remember all of that…so most people end up putting their c2d on the network share as well. Here again, a project folder would work better.

With a project folder, my workflow would be to store the entire project in that project folder and then copy the entire project folder to my network share. Then I’d have access to everything I could possibly need from the CM side, but maintain the golden versions on the CC machine.


That could work too, if there are options for each.

Currently, I’ve got a folder on my NAS, with a folder for each project and where the *.c3d and *.nc files are stored, and a sub folder with all previous ‘draft’ versions of both. I also use a separate folder for my *.svg and *.jpg files, too.

Yup…no question. Having an option for “Use Project Folder” in the settings, would allow the best of both worlds…I could always use the NAS as my project folder location (which would be remembered) or copy the finalized version to the NAS (as I suggested, above).

The issue is current usage:

  • Go to save a new project - the default location is the last C2D location. So you change it. Create the new directory and save the file.
  • Then you go to save the .NC file…the default location is AGAIN, the last directory…so you have to navigate to get to the newly created directory in order to save it with the C2D.
  • Then you want to save a PNG or SVG of the file, the default location is AGAIN the last directory (maybe not even the last directory of the C2D) and you have to navigate to put it into the same directory. PITA

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