Settings for small text

Trying to v carve some smallish (.5") text with a 60 deg v bit. Even in hard maple the letters are not smooth and have alot of fuzz. I just used the default settings for the bit. Is there a better way?

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Is the machine mechanically sound? Which machine are you using? What Z-axis?

Try running a second V carving at full depth?

Could you post a photo?

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Hi Will! As I was trying to figure things out I noticed that the z axis router mount was loose. One of the v wheels was pretty loose. I guess that I figured out that I had to remove the router mounting to access the eccentric nuts. I tightened the eccentrics to get rid of slop and then checked both sides of the y rails and found similar issues. i looked back through the assembly instructions and either I can’t find it (it was late and I was bushed) or the instruction do not tell you to tighten those v wheels. I tightened them but have not tried to cut text yet. When I get back to it I’ll post again. Hoping that that clears it up. Thanks so much for your help!