Settings for tools in Fusion 360

I just started to model a panel in Fusion 360. My first test will be to use the #102 .125" Flat Cutter that came with the Nomad 883 Pro.

I have some basic questions.

  • First of any recommended settings to use with these cutters? See Pictures for all the settings required to make new tool in Fusion 360.
  • Second… Where do u usually set the origin in ur fusion Projects? The Nomad Motion has its 0 position now at the lower left corner when facing the machine. And for me it would be normal to just have the center of the fusion model in the stock that is.
    I will use the vise of just tape it to the MDF board. (see Picture)
  • Have u been using the Carbide post process anything? Is just plug n play? Whats to consider?
  • If i have multiple Tools in a setup (tool paths), do the Nomad stop and ask me to swap Tools? Is it compatible with Carbide motion in that way? Like the tutorial i made the wrench, it was very nice when the text showed up and said which tool to install etc. I would like to do the same with fusion with my up coming Projects.

Cutter settings (speeds and feeds, depth of cut etc.) mainly depend on material being cut. Because the Nomad is a rigid machine, yet having a low power spindle, you need to be a little more conservative with plunges, feed rate and DOC. In Fusion you can set multiple passes and spiraling entries to lessen the force of impact.

As far as origins are concerned, there are different coordinate systems at play. Fusion modeling uses one system, the CAM another. When I’m designing in Fusion, I think of the top perspective as looking down at the Nomad table. When I go to setup my stock and create my toolpaths, I normally use the lower left corner on top of stock as zero. Assuming you are starting with square stock, as opppsed to cylindrical. After defining toolpaths I run a simulation to make sure everything looks good. It’s a good idea the first few times that you run a job, to set your spindle a little higher without a tool in it to make sure you didn’t overlook something (vises, clamps etc.)

if there is a tool change, the Nomad will retract spindle, move table out of the way, prompt for you to change tool and resume cutting.

The Generic Carbide3D post is nothing special. When you go to generate GCode, just save file with a .nc extension. Then import into Carbide Motion and set zero to mirror what you did in Fusion.


Just as a noob, what is DOC short for?

DOC == depth of cut

Glossary here:

You’re welcome. I’m pretty new to machining, but started learning Fusion360
before I received my Nomad. The people on here are very friendly and helpful