Settlers of Catan set

Just wanted to show off a project I finished recently, a hardwood version of the classic game Settlers of Catan. I used a v-carve inlay toolpath to create all of the small inlays. I was extremely pleased with how they turned out.


Super Awesome.

where did you learn how to do the inlay technique?
all my attempts have been disasters lol. yours look GREAT.


@pereav I’m not sure what those are, but they look amazing! i love the bighorn and the mountains.

@robrob What software are you using?

V-carve desktop, usually.

tried it this way, but I did not have good luck.

I downloaded a PDF of instructions from the vectric forums that I will give a go next time.


EDIT: I posted the exact same link…doh.

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@robrob I used the exact same technique shown here. It worked great for me. I was able to get super small details with the inlays.

@neilferreri Ha this is just a classic board game that has been around forever. usually the game tiles are cardboard, but I wanted to make something a little nicer.


@robrob Let me know if you have questions on it, i’m no expert by any means but i’ve done a few v-carve inlays over the past year and have learned some tricks that really help.

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I’ll try it again, more patiently.

really well done !! lovely work

Settlers of Catan has only been around since 1995 or so — if that’s forever, I’m older than I feel.


Hmmm, so playing Monopoly since the day it launched, I must be from the stone age :wink:


This is incredible, would you be willing to share the hex files?

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Are you wanting the gcode for these or would you prefer the vector image files? I’m happy to provide what I’ve done.

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Well… that’s like a quarter of a century… jk haha


vector would be great!

i’d be interested in files as well. may make this as a gift.

brilliant idea and well executed!

I’ve attached all the vector image files i used. For the brick tile I had to eliminate the bottom corner bricks of every other pile so that it would machine correctly. Also, just disregard the center circle. For the hex tile itself, to match exisitng game tiles, the hex tile should measure 2 7/8" from edge to edge. Anyway, let me know if you have any questions. It was a lot of fun to do and has made a fantastic gift.

Brick Tile Ore Sheep (2) Wheat wood


HI, I love this, its the best catan set I’ve seen done. What endmill did you use???

Thanks! I used a 1/2" 60° v-bit for the inlay work on the tiles and mating inlays.

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yes I would like to get the files