Shapeko 3 to XXL upgrades?

I think I already know the answer to this question but I have a Shapeko 3 unit and it’s great but I need to grow it for some new R&D projects and wanted to know if 3 to XXL kits were still available.


The Expansion Packs have been discontinued.

The upgrade path now is to sell the small machine and buy a larger one.

I sold a SO3 XL for $2500.00 recently. It had the Z-Plus, BitSetter, BitZero, Sweepy 2.0, Makita Router and a bunch of bits. It also had a Husky 2’x4" adjustable stand. I had made a dust boom that held the dust collector hose above the machine. The machine was complete to roll in a shop and start making stuff. I sold it on craigslist. The Shapeoko 3 is very sell-able. It was on craigslist for almost a month but the first person that came and looked at bought it full asking price. Plus they drive 300 miles to come and buy it. The key to craigslist is to be patient and not drop the price. The market for a cnc is limited but only because the people that buy cnc machines is small.


thanks yes I’ll end up selling my 3 standard. In hindsight, I should got the XXL right out of the gate. I expected the learning curve would take some time but it was really easy to draw up and start milling. My father was a tool and die, and master mold maker for Lockheed Martin and I spent some time every summer working for this old screw machine cam maker. We also did parts work contracted with other shops who were swamped. I also loathed being covered with machine oil and solvent day after day and I swear the old guy owner was a hoarder before hoarding was a thing (80’s era). Little did I know that all that experience would pay off for stuff I like to do today. It’s also a little sad that those highly skilled trades are somewhat a thing of the past now. My cam maker boss would have blank cam builder graph paper and used a stop watch to judge time and cut-rate. No computers just some paper a stop watch and decades of experience. He was a old fart but watching him take raw cam stock and turn them into controlled chaos of feed, turret timing and cut feeds. I can’t tell you how he did it but he said he could visualize in his head the way the machine should order the cut, drill, thread, and shape the part before the machine was powered on. It’s a shame that level of machining is so dominated by computers today and the art behind it seems to have been lost.

thank you for the replys…

I see you are looking for a ShapeOko 3 upgrade to XXL. Am I correct?
I am have recently purchased a Pro XXL. The unit I had was a ShapeOko 3 that I upgraded to the XXL.
In the years that I had this unit I added the Bit Zero, Bit Setter, Bit Runner and the heavy duty HDZ. just recently I replaced the block bearings on the HDZ.
I’m asking 900.00 dollars for this unit.
You can contact me for further information at—-
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Lyle Tiahrt


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