Shapeoko 3 2.1 board: Which pin turns spindle on and off?

I have a very old shapeoko 3 with a V2.1 pcb. It’s been in storage for quite awhile and I am finally dusting it off (literally). One of the first things I did was upgrade to GRBL 1.1, since Carbide Motion wouldn’t work at all with it (was running 0.9).

I also have a “superpid”. Years ago, I had it all connected up such that I could control the spindle speed via gcode. It was great.

Now, when I plug everything in, I can get the spindle speed to vary with the “M3” command, but I can’t actually get it to stop. It’s always running at some low speed.

superpid wants the on/off pin held high (5V) for off, and low (GND) for on. Which pin on the board supports this? Has this functionality been disabled?

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