Shapeoko 3 Control Box- Component check List

Hi Guys,

I am planning to remove my control panel from the X axis rail (16" model) and put all my equipment into a control box about 6 feet away to prevent any frequency interference with my DeWalt router.

I’d like to share my BOM list and get any advice from others who have done the same with their Shapeoko 3.

1- 4"h x 6"d x 10"w plastic box
1- mushroom e-stop button (
1- Power on button
1- Spindle on button (I may not hook this up right away)
new GRBL board
Drag Chains
4 colors- 12’ each of 20 gauge wire
1- 3" exhaust fan
1- z-touch probe (

My plan is Power On first then spindle can be turned on. Please advise if anyone spots issues or compatibility with any of the components? I’m a newbie to electrical hookups.

Youtube tutorial links anyone??

Thank in advance guys,

There have been some pretty cool enclosures at:

Hey Will,

Don’t you sleep? :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the help and getting me out the new board today. I really appreciate the support and will be sure to tell others you guys are top notch!



Pretty sure Will never sleeps, always ready to tackle ShapeOKO issues as they arise! Definitely why I like this forum so much, guys like Will and many others who are always helping folks out. It’s a good time to be new in CNC for sure!


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Very excited to see how this shakes out… you planning on doing solder splices of your stepper and limit wires?

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