Shapeoko 3 Initial Setup after a move

I am new to CNC router and bought a used Shapepko 3 XXL. We just moved it today and I have a question for the group. The guy I got it from has it sitting on a 1 inch foam pad “to reduce the effects of vibration”. My issue is I do not see how it would ever be stable or remain level sitting on this strata and moving around the way it does. Should it not be sitting on a solid surface on the mounting feet?


I have an SO3 XXL. I built a torsion box and used a 3/4" piece of foam for it to sit on. The SO3 XXL frame will sag in the middle if unsupported. I removed my leveling feet and sat the machine on the foam. You need a solid table for the machine to sit on. The foam is not for vibration, although it might help, the foam keeps the center of the XXL bed from sagging. So I would keep it or replace it. You can get 3/4" or 1" foam sheets at the big box stores.

You can see in the picture the torsion box and the foam my SO3 XXL sits on. You can put the leveling feet on and place a piece of plywood in the center but the foam works better. If you do not support the center of an XXL it WILL sag. That makes leveling your spoilboard hard.

Here are a couple of documents about making a spoilboard.

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)

Here is a c2d file to make a long L bracket. My spoilboard has 2" spacing for 1/4-20 tee nuts.

long_L_bracket.c2d (296 KB)

Happy machining :grinning:


Thanks for your input. It makes sense. This setup does not support the center as the outside rails sit on the foam and the center is unsupported. I have not yet setup the bed level or square yet so this is the time to know.


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