Shapeoko 3 made it possible!

(Csaba Horváth) #1

It was not easy, it was not fast, but it was possible to maintain tolerances prototyping my first training landmine that is inspired by the Russian POMZ-2.

The entire assembly is made of aluminium alloys. There are several interlocking parts, that had to fit tightly with each other. Different O-rings that needed to be squeezed and stretched accurately to perform.

There are only two commercially available valves in the apparatus. The third valve and ALL the other components are made entirely on the S3, including all the steps of manufacturing except for rigid tapping and painting of course.

So far I tested it with 9 bar (130 psi) and found no leaks at all.

Big thanks for the Carbide Team!

(mikep) #2

What does the training version do with the air pressure?

(Csaba Horváth) #3

Propells the coloured powder charge.
This modell being the safest version uses compressed air ( or greengas or CO2 for airsofters) instead of pyrotechnics.

(Stephen Gullage) #4

Should add some glitter to that coloured powder and trainees will have to live with the shame of failure forever.

(mikep) #5

Glitter is the herpes of the craft world.

(Csaba Horváth) #6

You would be surprised how many suggestions I got from friends what kind of powder sholud be used!

Ground pepper if I dont like the trainees!
Cocain in order to increase morale!
And some other that does not fit the forum…