Shapeoko 3 Not Connecting to cutter

I just finished assembling my Shapeoko 3. When I power it up and try to connect to it via Carbide Motion, I receive an error message that Cutter is not connected. All cables are in, power is on and I even restarted my laptop and the entire process to no avail. Please help with any suggestions.

Thank you!

The usual difficulty here is missing the power switch on the power supply cord — check that if you didn’t notice it (tiny thing, easily overlooked).

We do have a basic article on this at:

You could try pressing the reset button on the controller — please contact if that works but is necessary each time, or if you can’t get connected and we’ll do our best to help.

Thanks for the quick response Will. I did flip the in line power switch. Can I ask a stupid question? Where is the reset button on the controller?


I did also send a note to tech support.

Thanks, Joe

The reset button on the board is on the bottom right
It’s a small white button

Thanks Will. I pressed reset and nothing changes. Still does not connect. Any other suggestions?

Thanks very much Chris. I reset but unfortunately no change. Still dead in the water. I also check my ports on the laptop and the OS is not even recognizing that it’s connected. Any other ideas?

You’re pushing the “connect to cutter” button in the UI, and it’s not connecting, is that correct?

Yes that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Other things to try:

  • if on a Mac, install Universal G-Code Sender — it adds the account to the Dialout group which is sometimes necessary
  • uninstall any other Arduino-related software, or software for specialty electronics such as National Instruments

If none of that works, let us know at and we’ll get this sorted out.

Thanks I will install that. Any down side withninstalling this on my laptop? That is, will it affect anything else?

Will - hate to be a pain but i need some direction on where to get the down load and what steps need to be taken once its downloaded please,

Thanks very much,


Get UGS from:

You can get the Carbide 3D software from:


Based on your last email, you will be sending me a new controller so there’s no need for me to bother with UGS. Please confirm.

Thanks for your help,


Yes, best to just wait for the new controller.

Thanks Will. I look forward to it. Thanks very much.

IF all else fails - try deleting your current installs of the Carbide software and then downloading and reinstalling the two packages. It is what I had to do to get rid of a quirk in my system.

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