Shapeoko 3 shipping delayed in favor of the 4

Seriously disappointed in what appears to be Carbide playing favorites over what you order. I ordered a Shapeoko 3 (standard) with an XXL upgrade last week (7 days ago). Status hasn’t changed (no shipping).
A major part of my decision to order a 3 instead of the 4 was the presumed delay in shipping to get the new product since incident order for another week.
Saw today that people that ordered a 4 are ready receiving their machines while I get to sit twiddling my thumbs and constantly checking my email for some hope of a shipping confirmation.
Hindsight being what it is, I should have waited a week to order the 4 and I’d already have it here. :-1:

Well cancel the 3 and order a 4. If the has not shipped they probably have not charged you yet. If they have charged you they can credit you.


Not a bad idea, if they’d answer their phones. :laughing:

They called back, refunded the 3 and ordered the 4.