Shapeoko 3 Standard for sale

I have a standard size Shapeoko 3 for sale. Machine is located in Midland MI. It has been used very lightly, looking to upgrade to a series 4. Dust shield and probe included, Asking $800 plus shipping.

Hello Scott,

Is your 3 still available for sale? Is it still in operational status? Could you post a video of it currently running?

Look forward to your response,


Yes it is available. I will send a video of it running tomorrow morning.

This site will not let me post a video. Please send me your e-mail address.


Here you go:




Folks, please use private messages to send private info like email addresses, sometimes the internet is a bad place. This is for your own good, really.



Your right. Thank you.

Question. How do I send a PM from a mobile device?

Thank you again.


Click on the name of the person you want to PM in any of his posts, and click “Message”:

If you don’t see that button let me know, I may need to promote your account to just high enough to have access to PMs

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Seems to have worked.

Thank you,

Jim Ryan

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