Shapeoko 3 XL for sale in Orange County CA - Now with pics

Shapeoko 3 XL for sale. Bare bones, only what comes in the box from Shapeoko, no router or other accessories.

The machine ran twice before shipping, it has never cut anything, but was mishandled during shipping putting it out of alignment and breaking one V wheel on the x axis, it is therefore being sold for parts. Ideal candidate for an upgrade from a smaller machine.

The only known damage is to the one V wheel on the x axis, to the best of my knowledge there are no bent or otherwise damaged parts, the machine has been test-run once since shipping and produced a clean Sharpie logo.

$300 - pick up only in Laguna Niguel

Pics to follow

Original spring type Z axis?

Broken V wheel just about visible in this shot, it’s the lower left wheel in the assembly.

@peteseyeview It’s the updated axis, pics now added below.

Please note that the router is not included in the sale.

PM sent… adding characters for limit

This is now awaiting pickup, thank you for all the inquiries.

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