Shapeoko 3 XL not working properly

Hello all, i own a shaeopoko 3 XL and i started testing the machine by drawing the letter T on inkscape, saving it as an SVG and then going to jscut to get the .gcode file. Once that was done I used the UGS (Universal g-code sender) software to configure the machine and see how it worked.

So far, I’ve had a few errors when I launch the task, the machine stops in the middle of work or if I switch on my spindle, the machine stops as well. I don’t know if it’s the machine’s Arduino card or something to do with the electricity.

But I persisted in making several attempts to obtain the final result.

Recently I decided to evolve my work by drawing a particular design that I would like the machine to be able to realise ( see SVG file), saved the file in gcode using the inkscape extension ‘gcodetools’.

I launched UGS, uploaded the file, configured the machine, the initial point, etc. As soon as I launch the task, the machine stops (check video) and I get this error message (see photo of error message). But what’s strange is that sometimes (1/3) the machine makes the drawing when the tool is in the open air and not touching the material and at the same time to know the working surface, but most of the time it blocks and stops working.

Same thing when I switch on the spindle.

Note: I did well to set the parameters for the feed speed of the machine, taking into account the diameter of the tool, the thickness of the material, the number of teeth, etc. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the machine’s development card, the power supply, the spindle or all three.

i don’t know if it has something to do with the machine’s Arduino card, the electric current, the spindle or all three. because i can’t do anything at the moment without getting an error and the machine stops.

if you have an idea how to solve this job, a guess, it would be with pleasure … all ideas are welcome. Thanks

Note : the SVG file to the design i want to realise for those who are interested.

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Is using Carbide Motion not an option?

Most likely this is an EMI/grounding issue.

Contact us at and we’ll do our best to assist.

the problem with Carbide Motion is that when I try to configure the machine for the first time, the software doesn’t recognise the Arduino board or the USB as soon as I plug it into the PC. it’s as if it doesn’t recognise the machine at all.
Same with others software, i can only use UGS.

What is your board version. Older fw is not recognized by current cm versions. C3D has fw updater. I think current is 1.1f.

How can i extract the board version ? i dont know how to do it.

The board revision # is silk-screened on the board itself.

The Grbl version # (the 1.1f mentioned) is echoed by Grbl when connecting to it — if you’re using Carbide Motion 4, 5, or 6 you are at 1.1 and up-to-date and good-to-go — if you’re using CM3 you’re at 0.9 and should update if possible.

all right, i’ll try to figure it out tomorrow the board version and update the GRBL version as well.
I will let you guys how it went.

@WillAdams is correct I conflated the board version with the GBRL version. They are two different things. The worst case is C3D will sell you a new controller. Last time I checked they were about $150.00. The SO3 XL is a good machine and would be worth upgrading if required.

That’s the board that i have but it’s 94V-0 3015. i dont know if it makes any difference but i will try now to update the GRBL into 1.1f.

You’ll want to upgrade your controller PCB. Those really ones were very prone to disconnects and emi issues.

Ok got it. I need to update the GRBL FW from 0.9 To 1.1f, i manage to found the 1.1f file but the only problem that i got is How can i detect the card arduino type that i got (Uno,Mega)… i have the same card that i mentionned from the photo above but i dont know the card type because when i try to update the GRBL i need to mention the card type which i dont know how to detect it.

I think Neil means replacing your controller not upgrade it.

It’s been a long time but C3D has a Windows executable that does the fw upgrade.

I am sure @WillAdams will point you to it.

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Write in to and we’ll assist as we can.

Arguably, the most expedient thing these days is to just get a new board (write in to support for the link)

Sent it to, thank you guys anyway for all of your suggestions.

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