Shapeoko 3 XL upgrades gone bad

I upgraded to the spindle on my shapeoko 3XL, now it won’t work, it constantly connects and disconnects from the computer. While it’s doing it, the bitsetter light blinks acting like it’s powering up and down, I also noticed blue lights on the control board. One for the power, but the other is for z. They also blink while it’s connecting/disconnecting. I also hear something and maybe it’s from the zed sensor either clicking or thumping. Please help.

Anyone at all? Sucks to have my machine down now for days and tech support asks a question and then I wait two days to get another one line question again. I thought the tech support was good. Apparently I was mistaken.

Have you called or Emailed Tech support?

I think the reason you are not getting a response here is that not many people on this Forum have experienced this.

Did you do a search on this Forum to see if someone else has had this issue with a fix?

Good Luck. I hope you find your answer soon.

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I see your ticket in the open queue, and it should make its way to the front of the line soon and be responded to.

You seem to have a lit Y-axis homing switch — read through your ticket — it doesn’t seem likely that just plugging in a VFD would damage the Y-axis homing switch circuitry, so my inclination would be to try the spare controller.

It also helps us if you provide exactly what is asked for — there are procedures which are in place to ensure that we don’t waste your time (and our money) sending out the wrong parts — telling us you haven’t made a video (as opposed to making it as requested and sending it in so that we can check off that box) does not move your ticket forward.

Support runs mostly California business hours — 9AM – 3PM PST as noted on the main page.