Shapeoko 3 XXL assembly observations

I’ve been working on assembling my new XXL, and have noticed a couple of things -

(1) The Y-axis limit switch bracket holes for the (2) 35mm screws is drilled a little small. Even when the powder coating is cleaned out the holes have to be drilled up roughly one drill size to pass the shoulder on the screws.

(2) The X-axis limit switch contacts the belt clip instead of the plate - assuming I’ve assembled it correctly.

(3) The XXL manual contains some errors and ambiguities. It would also help a lot if it were published as a PDF rather than a web page. When printed as a web page the photos are scaled too small to be very useful.

(4) There are no technical drawings with explosions. I understand those are expensive, but the photos of the limit switches, for example aren’t as clear as a decent drawing would be.

At this point in the process, build quality and fit seem excellent for a product in this price range - with the minor exceptions noted above. It’s my opinion that the assembly docs need some work, however.

–jim (audioguy)

1 - unfortunately, this is a consequence of having a range of tolerances for this — if the hole is a bit small, and the powder coating a bit thick, one gets the result you observe — it’s been a while since it was complained of, so I think the contractor is doing better

2 - I had the same issue and swapped things around for better clearance — Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

I also mounted the X-axis limit switch on the other side of the plate – it was hitting the belt anchor, reducing the travel a bit. Used a button head cap screw to keep it from interfering with the drag chain. That was the other reason for the washers.

3 - we’re working on updating / correcting / improving the assembly instructions

4 - The assembly instructions used to be centered around technical drawings: Project Shapeoko with interactive SVGs such as:

Not sure why the change was made to text and photos only.

Thanks, Will.
I’m hoping to have it together, squared and tested by sometime Saturday if not before.