Shapeoko 3 XXL Enclosure Build

All done! Here are some final pictures. Doors with glass installed, and SuperPID control box installed.


I am SUPER pleased with how the dust lid preforms. I have never used the Dust Deputy, but comparing the dust that gets through this thing into the ShopVac, to similar pictures of the Dust Deputy, it seems to work about as well. And for only $17US!

Here you can see the port that the ShopVac vents the outgoing air through (via a hose connection).This hopefully helps to create somewhat of a negative pressure inside the CNC cabinet.


Where did you get those plastic legs from? I really like those.

I got mine here


Thank you, I’ll have to keep these in mind when I redo my current enclosure.

@Croy9000 That’s a nice looking setup! Would you mind sharing that hose clip in Fusion 360?

I’m torn because I’m not a big fan of having to bend down / get on the floor to access the machine, but having the desktop open to work on is very nice. That aside you have quite the sexy work space there sir, very well done!


@neilferreri Sorry for the delay getting the link. I wanted to iterate another version before I shared it. The old design’s hose opening was too tight making it inconvenient to get the hose in and out. This updated rev has a perfect fit now.

(btw this is for a 1-1/2 in hose diameter)

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Some things I would have done differently (or plan to improve).

  • Added a 1in overhang on the top, all the way around. I would have lost 2in in width and depth, but being able to brush debris, or clamp something to the edge, would have been nice.
  • Added an access panel in the back left corner of the CNC/Dust Collection divider (the vertical panel separating them). ATM The only way to get to that corner of the Shapeoko is crawling in on top partially.

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