Shapeoko 3 XXL for sale Rochester, NY

I am redesigning the workshop layout and want to move to an XL. This sale includes Shapeoko 3 XXL w/Z-plus, BitZero V1, BitSetter, Makita RT0701C, modified spoilboard with t-track & threaded inserts, and some used endmills.

Asking $1,700. Prefer local pick-up but would consider delivery within roughly a 100 mile radius of Rochester, NY.

Unit is currently being used however will be disassembled for sale/transit.

Hey I have an XL plus bitsetter and bitzero and spindle auto on off. Trade plus cash or other stuff perhaps? Thanks. Rochester.

Is your machine a version 3 or 4?


Shapeoko 3. Everything is stock except the waste board (with 1/4 20 inserts), I have the suckit collector, bitsetter and bitzero both the older version. I also put on a relay so the spindle and an electrical outlet can turn on at the same time to turn on a vacuum cleaner. I’m in the South Wedge.

Sounds like you did some good things to your machine. I am looking to move to the V-4 XL.

FYI I accepted a local full asking prices offer.

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