Shapeoko 3 XXL freezing when running wasteboard flattening bit


I’ve had issues for a really long time now running my 1 inch wasteboard flattening bit. Almost every time I try to use it, my machine will freeze. I can shut the machine off and restart it and it may get a little farther but It always freezes at some point. I can run any other bit though and it will never freeze. Could it be how I have the tool set up? I’ve turned to flattening my pieces with a 1/4" end mill because it won’t freeze but it takes significantly longer. I also read something about EMI. If anyone knows how I could try to correct this that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Most likely this is EMI — if you contact we’ll have you run an air job and then send you a 10-step program.

Or see: Electronics - ShapeOko esp. the link:

Thank you very much for the helpful information!

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