Shapeoko 3 XXL Table X incorrect?

I installed the limit switches today.

In this tutorial it says to make the Shapeoko Table X for the XXL 850.

I did that, and now when jog all the way to the left, using the “Click a point to move the cutter” interactive, the z axis carriage crashes into the left beam.

I think this Table X value is incorrect. Just to make sure I updated my Carbide Motion to V 366.

Some people have had to adjust this number — Please check your settings for how much your machine backs off the homing switches, and also calibrate for belt stretch:

Another consideration is how you have your homing switches installed and what part of the structure hits them — I got some additional X-axis travel by putting some washers on the standoffs and putting the switch on the other side of the plate.

Just did the belt stretch calibration for X and Y. I didn’t have to modify the values since they were exact.

When I click Homing Cycle, it goes to (X, Y) =-1.25, -1.25 after homing. Then, when I click the top right vertex of the square in the Rapid Position Menu, it goes to (X, Y) = -6.25, -6.25.

My suggestion would be to manually jog the machine over to where you feel comfortable having the opposite corner — be sure to have ~5mm of extra travel just in case, and set the table extents to match that number.