Shapeoko 3 XXL upgrade kit is it good

Does anybody have the XXL upgrade kit I am wondering if it works as good as a new XXL shapeoko 3

Upgrading a current machine to an XXL will be indistinguishable from purchasing an XXL new (except for the box of left-over parts).

Upgrading a launch edition to an XXL will leave one with the original electronics housing, and the original gantry end plates and Z-axis carriage plate so that one will still have the old sliding motor mount belt tensioning system (which I actually prefer). You’ll also still have the M3 belt anchors on the X-axis, but will get upgraded to 9mm belts and pulleys for the X and Y axis.

I did the upgrade. It works very well. There were no issues going from the standard S03 to the XXL.

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ty, how was clibrating

TY, will the upgrade include touch probe

I’m afraid that we’re currently only offering the Probe with new machines.

Please write in to and ask if we could include it with an upgrade.

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