Shapeoko "3" XXL version?

Hi All. I’m new here but not new to cnc. I have a small cnc and just received my Shapeoko XXL.
I purchased it from RobotShop in Canada because shipping across the border is crazy expensive.
The CNC is listed as " Carbide3D Shapeoko XXL Robust CNC Router Kit" and I am wondering if it’s actually a Shapeoko “3”. I contacted them and they replied with “the product that was sent to you was a brand new Carbide3D Shapeoko XXL Robust CNC Router Kit as mentioned” but didn’t answer my question about the 3.
I contacted Carbide 2 days ago asking this and haven’t received an answer. Are there other versions of the XXL other then the Shapeoko 3 XXL?

If you have an XXL it will be a 3.

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The short answer is no, there are no other versions of the XXL.

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Thanks guys! I was worried that it was some older version or something. Now I feel better about opening the box. Finishing up my table tonight. The 3 makes it appear there were other versions.

Just curious, where are you situated? I’m in the Ottawa area.

Stratford…west of Kitchener

Ah OK, I’ve been there, I cycled through your town in the middle of the night during a long distance event.

Nice little city…in the daytime. lol

There were, but they were very different and sold by a different company. The XXL only has existed since version 3.


Please accept our apologies for this misunderstanding.

Please contact us at for the fastest response (though admittedly sometimes it’s so fast we miss things we aren’t expecting) — we understand that many folks can only use their machines evenings and weekends and holidays and so do our best to answer then.

The original Shapeoko was launched on Kickstarter:

Then, it was sold under license by a company which is now our competition, and a second version was launched (I got an SO2 gratis in exchange for doing the instructions under @edwardrford’s guidance):

Then Carbide 3D launched the Nomad on Kickstarter:

Edward left the competition, joined Carbide 3D, and launched the Shapeoko 3 as a new product:

After a while, the XL and XXL were developed, but since Carbide 3D only ever made the 3, they never had that number associated with them.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I was concerned and didn’t want to open the box if it wasn’t what I was expecting. I’m finishing my table tonight and will be assembling the XXL on Saturday. Hitting the autoshow in Toronto tomorrow!

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Toronto is a nice city. I like visiting but wouldn’t want to live there. I prefer the small towns.
Funny story about the “bike”, but very typical.

We’re moving away from the “Shapeoko 3” designation and just to “Shapeoko”. If it’s an XXL, it’s technically a Shapeoko 3.


Sorry to hijack but it IS at least somewhat related… are there different revisions? I’m about to buy an XXL that’s new in the box but is almost two years old. I’m getting it for a good price but I’m wondering if there have been enough improvements over the last two years to justify buying new and spending the extra money. Thanks in advance.

Yes, there are continual revisions / updates, but no, I don’t think that these should put anyone off from buying an older unit.

The changes I think would apply here are:

  • low profile enclosure: — not sure about the specifics of this, I’ve never seen one — I think it would be slightly easier to install, and the lower profile is a nice improvement
  • steel core belts — these are a recent change — I’m still using fiberglass on my XL, but upgraded to the steel belts on my SO3. Pluses are easier to install and tension, possible downside is lessened longevity, jury’s still out — you could get up to them by getting the Maintenance Kit (which I’d recommend for anyone, it saves a ton in aggravation and gas and not waiting)
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What version of the controller is it? Does it run GRBL 1.1 or 0.9?

Good point.

We’ve been shipping 1.1 for a while now — and the 2.4e board for longer — worst case is needing to re-flash to 1.1

GRBL 1.1 so I’m good