Shapeoko 3 XXLL w/ Makita Router

Does anyone know the max travel distance from the bottom of the makita router collet to the top of the gantry?

  1. Makita router mounted in router clamp fully inserted.

  2. Why the bottom of the router collet to top of gantry. This distance is constant regardless of the added waste board.

  3. I opt to using an aluminum base plate and need to adjust the aluminum plate in reference to the Z axsis max travel.


So after careful thought process, I removed the counter springs and lowered the Z axsis until the v-wheels were aligned with the bottom of the rails.

My total distance from the bottom of the Makita collet nut to the top of the aluminum base plate is 1 9/16".

Adding a 3/4" waste board leaves me with 3/4".

Using a 1/8" bit is 1.5", so technically this will work.

So I have at least 2 unforseen issues:

  1. The aluminum plate is 1/2" thick, whereas the OEM board is 3/4" thick. So to clear the angle bracket for long projects I would need a 1" thick waste board.

  2. What benifit did upgrading to an 1/2" aluminum plate provide besides the added cost. Other than a surface that is ridgid and not prone to water or oil spills. So to make this aluminum upgrade plate work, I need to add a spacer between the aluminum plate and the angle bracket by at least 3/4" to 7/8". This will drop the entire rails closer to the aluminum plate’s top surface. The total distance from the top of the Aluminum plate is 15/16". I would need a waste material between the top of the Aluminum plate and the work piece of perhaps a 1/4" thick. Not sure of waste board thickness at this time.

Your thoughts …

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