Shapeoko 3XL Homing - Y sensor

New guy here. I received my 3XL last week and have been fighting with the Y proximity sensor. The red light is always on no matter where I point it (removed it from the machine to direct away from any obstruction and it still remains lit). I feel the proximity switch may be stuck in a closed position. I’ve toggled the riser board and measured continuity (all lines are isolated so it’s not a wiring issue and I tested continuity on riser board connector and those are isolated as well). I’ve seen some talk about GRBL coding and forcing the Y axis open. Would this help resetting the Y swtich or is it a hardware issue? I took a snip from my Log to show a constant running Y routine and am not sure if this is common.

Sounds like a hardware issue, you should contact and they will sort it out.

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Please confirm.
Are these Hall effect switches? or reed type? To me, the housing looks like Reed type…

I couldn’t tell you…sorry

Given the power lines in the sensor feed cable, it would suggest Hall effect or something similar. Reed switches have mechanical uncertainty much like micro-switches, so for the effort (and cost) of upgrading, I would have thought reeds were not likely, and taking power up to the sensor just to power a LED seems unlikely.

I agree. To call a Reed switch an upgrade is wrong. Thing is, you can trigger a Hall effect switch with a finger, no metal needed. Also, most Hall Effect switches I have used have a cylindrical body, Reeds have a flat square body.
I am (Mindlessly) guessing they are Reeds.
Hall Effect usually require 3 wires, 1 grnd, 1 power, 1 return signal…
A Reed may be a dpdt and that would require 3 or 4 wires. (depends on the use)

Are you talking about the 5v proximity sensors on the newer machines?
They are neither. They are inductive. There’s a coil and cap that generate, rather than detect, a magnetic field.
They will detect when a good conductor enters the generated magnetic field.


Thanks for the answer.
I think I read in another post that only one side of a neo magnet would trigger it so that lead me to wonder guess Hall effect…

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C3D sent a replacement switch and everything homes properly. Problem solved.