Shapeoko 3xxl for sale

3xxl for sale Makita router. In the Chicago area

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What’s going on that is making you want to sell your machine, if you don’t mind me asking? If you feel it’s too personal I fully understand.

Just purchased a shapeoko pro
No need for two cnc’s

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I have hangups on the older CNC mills that run on belt drives. I shopped around looking for the best possible option for a mill until I came across the Shapeoko 5 Pro with ball screws. All of the other belt drive mills were overpriced for my liking compared to this ball screw drive machine. I run big CNC mills that have big ball screws to drive their movements. I know how good ball screws are, how well they hold positions, and how close tolerances can be held on these metal cutting machines.

I know that was a lot said over much of nothing important for the most part. If you wouldn’t mind putting out the information about your machine you want to sell and your asking price, maybe someone might be interested. My father likes these machines and loves seeing what comes off of my machine. He might be interested, but I need to give him some details about the machine before anything can be further discussed.

I appreciate your input about cnc’s. I’m new to cnc woodworking and the pro was the best choice for me as retired hobby woodworker.
The 3xxl I have needs a y proximity switch. The kit is $50 from carbide. When you upgrade the switch’s you must need to have upgraded PCM which I already have. The new proximity switch’s will not work with z axis so you will need to purchase the new screw drive carbide z plus which is $250.00.
I’m asking $800 for the machine as is, so for $1,100 the 3xxl will be fully up to date.
I hope this helps, if you need any more information please let me know.


Ok, thanks. I will speak to my Father and see if he is interested in it.

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