ShapeOko 3XXL for sell, this CNC has all the upgrades possible

This machine is an upgrade from the original ShapeOko 3. During the years that followed from that original purchase and the XXL upgrade I added. Bit Zero, Bit Setter, Bit Runner then I was ne of the first to purchase first HDZ having to wait two months for delivery.
My wife and I during that time moved from CA to Idaho.
I have purchased the new Pro XXL and need to sell the 3XXL.
All the upgrades including the HDZ will be included.
I just recently installed new block bearings on the HDZ.
There are NO issues that made the upgrade to the Pro necessary other than it was time to enjoy a new CNC.
If I were to say anything that is not perfect and that is the rough appearance of the wiring. During the upgrades and the move I was forced to rewire the stepper motors.
I would recommend purchasing new belts and new fasteners. Many of the bolts were not in good shape and will need to be replaced.
I have tried to be as accurate as possible so it has made this maybe to long of a description but I’ve tried to answer your questions in advance.
I’m asking 900.00 hundred dollars for the complete package.

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