Shapeoko 4 problems :(

Hi all!

I just got my shapeoko 4 and first off let me say it’s impressive! Super solid gantry and super solid all around. I have run into a few hiccups getting the machine ready and need some help!

First off is my 80mm spindle mount. I have an 80mm 2.2kw water cooler spindle and I bought the 80mm mount only to be surprised that only the top screw holes that bolt to the z-axis plate do not line up. The bottom screws on the stock 65mm have a wider spacing between them on the bottom. The 80mm however, the screws on the top and bottom have the same spacing between and they do not line up anywhere on the mounting plate.

Also my Z-axis limit switch doesn’t work because the connectors between them easily get pulled in and out and the male pins do not seat themselves properly resulting in a poor connection. I decided to splice them and solder them together and add heat shrink to mitigate the issue. This is more if a heads up. They work perfectly otherwise.

The 80mm mount is on the HD page, and is intended for use w/ the HDZ — please contact about that and the issue with your homing switch wiring.

I talked to support. There is no way to get a 80mm spindle as the HDZ is not compatible with the shapeoko 4 yet. I bought a smaller 800w 65mm water cooled huanyang spindle. Kinda weird that you can’t get a 80mm spindle on the new shapeoko 4.

Still excited though!

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