Shapeoko 4 Vertical on wall

Finally have made space in my garage for this unit.

Can I mount the Shapeoko 4 CNC permanently on the wall vertically?

This would cut down on space, with anything not picked up with the vacuum to fall freely to the floor.

Yes, it could be done, but…

  • it’s not supported
  • the loading on the V wheels is about the worst possible
  • it makes loading stock difficult, if not downright dangerous

Better would be either folding down, or on a hoist up at the ceiling and lowered down to use.

Seems like bit changes would require you to contort into uncomfortable positions and zeroing would be a real pain as well.

It’s an attractive idea but I think would be very hard in practice.

EDIT: the only good thing about having it on a wall is that it would keep you from piling crap on it that you have to move to do some work.

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It is a really bad idea to run a shapeoko vertically. It was not designed to work like that and there will be problems. Storing it vertically could be done safely.

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