Shapeoko 4 XL Enclosure

After a bunch of research and stealing ideas through these forums and others I finally finished (well is anything ever really finished?) my Shapeoko 4 XL enclosure build!

The base is 4x4s and 2x4s that I milled down a little and on heavy duty leveling feet. I then built a torsion box top out of MDF for the machine to sit on and framed the top portion with milled 2x4s again. Below I drywalled inside and out with acoustic ceiling panels in between for sound absorption and sealed all joints with green glue. On top the inside layer is MDF for durability and drywall outside with acoustic panels inside as well. I wired it via extension cord plugged into a wall outlet and ran wires within the enclosure wall to various outlets that are controlled via the custom switch panel I made and wired in an E-Stop. My shop vac sits below with a cyclone separator and runs up the side where I can divert vacuum to either the machine or a sweep hose. It has recessed lighting, a ring camera to view if I need to go inside to do something so I can keep watching it, and the shop vac can turn on independently or if I switch on the router. The dryer vent in the back is to allow airflow to enter for proper vacuum.

I’m sure people will ask about maintenance and enough area to work. It seems adequate as of now and if anything I can pull it out and slide it onto another table I have if I need to conduct serious changes. I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into the drywall finish work or painting because I was mostly concerned with functionality over looks but I think it looks good enough.

Let me know your thoughts!!


Looks good from where I’m standing. Nice job! Welcome to the community!

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Well it seems you have things covered, including the fridge nearby for the occasional beer. Nice! (no drinking and milling though :upside_down_face:)

Kudos on making a first enclosure that is about a million times better than what I originally had!

Can that laptop support swivel, so as to be able to have your right hand on the keyboard while your left hand is doing something inside the enclosure area (not while the machine is running obviously…)?

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Very nice, clean and functional. All attributes I should have thought of before my build.


Thank you and the fridge really is fantastic for a hot day! haha

Yes, the laptop support can swivel, and be raised up and down as well. It has a pretty good range of motion. I also have a small wireless keypad (stolen from another person in these forums) that I can use to jog the machine without being at the laptop.

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Very awesome. Looks like a display case for a museum piece. A Shapeoko museum.

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