Shapeoko 4 XL Hybrid Table Measurements

Does anyone know if there is a document somewhere that shows the dimensions for the slats and their associated mounting holes? I could take all the measurements myself but if there is something out there already I may as well use that to ensure it is precise and save myself time.

A few month back @CNCInspiration went and measured the dimensions on his Pro, one of the thread is here and it has a Fusion360 model with the dimensions he captured. Since the Pro and SO4 share the hybrid table, that should give you a starting point, and Max may be able to confirm if the dimensions he modeled turned out to work for him. There is also this post from Winston about the slat spacing.


The measurements were correct, my spoilboards came out perfect. I have the models, if anyone needs them let me know.


I would love the model as a starting point! Can you email it to me at


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Hi Nick, I sent the Fusion .f3d file to your email.

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