Shapeoko 4 XL Slats and Spoilboard

Hello all,
I have seen the question about templates for the Shapeoko 4xl hybrid bed MDF slats being asked here and many other places. I went ahead and created a design with Shapr3d, exported that design as Shapr and STEP files. I also created the carbide create job for cutting a single slat off 19mm MDF stock. As a bonus, I am also including a spoilboard that will bolt to the T-Tracks of the machine using the Teez Nuts (I see what you did there). The spoilboard also has a 40mm grid, and the toolpath can be disabled. The carbide create file has toolpaths for contour, hole locations, surfacing and grid pattern. I am uploading the file here as a community contribution in hopes it helps somebody.

Shapeoko 4 XL Slats and (1.1 MB)


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