Shapeoko 4XL for sale - Seattle WA

I have a one year old 4XL for sale.
It’s available for pick up only in the greater Seattle, WA area.

For sale includes:
-PWNcnc V2 dust boot
-remainder of the workholding kit that I could locate and gator tooth clamps set
-bits 1/8 nose ball, 1/8 flat, 1/4 flat, 2 v bits, planing bit
-spare parts

I flipped the MDF pieces to start fresh. hybrid table/t slots have some damages from the router, but nothing major and nothing that would cause issues while cutting.

$2100 - with the spindle (and would not include the makita router and bit runner in the pic)

$1600 - with the makita router and bit runner (no spindle)

Ooooo I want that spindle, but I’ve already got an XXL. :smiley:

I would sell the spindle if i end up selling it with the router.

Mark me as interested if it doesn’t go with the platform. :+1:

not sure how to change my post, but I’d be willing to let the set up go for $1400 without the spindle.

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