Shapeoko 4XL Initialize Machine Error

Greetings all,
I am acquiring assistance on finding a solution to my initializing Machine step. I have followed the booklet directions, to its entirety, on building my Shapeoko 4XL and I am now on the step to initialize the machine. I have setup the configurations for my specific device without the bit-setter option, since I do not have it yet. Currently, once all configurations have been loaded, initializing the machine for the first time is the issue. I have tested all switches z, x, and y to verify if light appears when metal is in contact. Next, I submit the initialize machine and the gantry moves all the way to the right with a sudden loud vibration when the gantry is all the way right and no further movement. I have read in the forum of the same issue, but I am not foreseeing the machine going all the way right and back when initially initializing the machine. I have turned the machine on and off multiple times. Reloaded the configurations. Switched the x & y cables a couple times to verify if the gantry will go back, but no dice. Moved the gantry to the right and back, then initializing the machine for it to only vibrate excessively as if the motors are attempting to continue the movements. Assistance is greatly appreciated after building a machine this costly and robust. Thank you.

The machine should home the Z-axis first — usually what you describe is caused by having the Z-axis motor plugged into the X-axis stepper driver connector.

Please check in at and we’ll work through this w/ you.

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Thank you William. I have switched the x and y cables within the module and the gantry instead of going to the right and back, the initializing of the machine went right and forward. The Z axis did move up and the gantry went right without vibration. When the axis went forward, the vibration started occurring. Recommendations and assistance are appreciated. Thank you.

If the machine moves the Y-axis forward rather than towards the back when there isn’t an active Y-axis homing switch then they are wired backwards — power down and swap the two Y-axis motor connectors to reverse the Y-axis.

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Thank you William. The process completed without issue. I have initialized the machine and now operational, for now lol. Thank you again.

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