Shapeoko 5 Feed Rate Issue

I’m a new Shapeoko 5 user, and I’m having a strange issue. While performing a 2D contour operation, the feed rate of my machine suddenly and randomly increases significantly. It will then suddenly return to normal, and repeat. Gcode was generated in fusion 360 and the simulation shows a constant feed rate. Here’s a video of the issue. .

Has anyone had this issue, or have any ideas about what may be causing it? Thanks!

It appears that you are ramping into the contour cut, and your ramp speed is lower then your cutting feed rate.


I agree with @Steve.Mc It looks like you have a really low ramp angle and the ramp speed is set low. The red part of the toolpath shows you the ramp. See how long and shallow that is and if it matches that slow section. If so, increase the ramp feed rate or reduce the amount of ramp. :slight_smile:

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