Shapeoko 5 pro and Bit Zero V1

I just got my Shapeoko 5 this past week. I’ve have it assembled and I have my Bit Zero V1 from my older Shapeoko. Can I use the Bit Zero V1 on this? I don’t see a clear place to plug it in on my new 5pro. In my Shapeoko 3 I had to open up to the circuit board to plug it into a spot. Is this the same story.? I don’t want to start digging into my new machine and screwing anything up. Thanks.

It’s a different plug. C3D are mum about whether the old one will work on the new one, if you were to rewire it to the new connector.

I just got a response from Carbide and it’s not compatible. I’ll just sell it with my Shapeoko 3 and get the v2

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