Shapeoko 5 Pro Enclosure for small workshop

I’ started this thread for forum members like myself who have tiny workshops to share their solutions for maximizing their CNC workspace, storage, enclosure. To kickstart things here’s my design for an enclosure that serves double duty a shop table. The enclosures rests on two Rockler 32x32 Rock Steady shop stands.


Not exactly sure the reason posted, however, it looks awfully low as well as the cabinet itself. Not sure how it is accessed from the side?

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I live in the city and have a very small garage. The enclosure is designed to serve double duty as a workbench and enclosure for my Shapeoko Pro. The base the Shapeoko rests on is approximately 17 inches off the ground.

There’s just over an inch of clearance between the top of the Z-axis motor and bottom side of the tabletop. I’ve designed a boom that floats behind the Shapeoko and connects up at the rear of the machine to my Sweepy Pro.

I’m in the process of designing a table leaf that will support a full sheet of plywood for tiling jobs.

I will share the design files Photos of the finished product for anyone who’s interested.


I hope you are young. My back would kill me if I was having to make bit changes at the height.

I have a rolling cart that I sit on for bit changes. So far so good.

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Eventually, I plan to build an enclosure suspended from my garage ceiling. This way, I can move it up out of the way when not being used.

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If you do that, make sure you have a second backup strapping system on the ceiling. You don’t want 200-300 pounds relying solely on an electric clutch. I’ve seen people do similar things for truck bed caps, so you should be able to find some good ideas on securing it. Keep in mind your ceiling trusses aren’t designed to carry a lot of load from underneath either.


Are you planning to run your 5 Pro on a swing?

In all seriousness, how are you going to lean into your work? Depending on how tall you are you need to be able to lean forward into your work versus crawling in a box. The height of the table can be debated, I prefer waist height, while others prefer it lower. With that said, you have to look at the height of the cabinet, it would be like working in a pizza oven, but lower. Just trying to help.

Nope. I’m looking into building something like this.

I don’t think so without being rigidly anchored, ridiculous. Did that guy ever cut anything on his machine?

My garage is a 150 year old carriage house. The ceiling trusses are 12x2 16 on center so I’m not too concerned about the trusses. My plan is to use heavy duty chains to take tension off the motors when the Shapeoko is not in use,

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I’ve been using a similar setup for years without too much trouble and zero back pain. The design is not for everyone, but if you have a small shop like mine. it is a decent solution.

I am no longer young so need to do everything to find the easiest path forward. Chasing after my work on a swing, in a crawl-in cabinet, and yes it will sway like crazy with the work I do, is simply ridiculous.

I appreciate the insight. I live in Washington, DC, and have a very tiny garage. The garage has a 12-foot ceiling, and I’m considering taking advantage of that height. The platform lift is one option. If I go this route, the platform lift will only be used to store the Shapeoko. I will have a rigged table that the Shapeoko will be lowered to when I run a job. This is the best I can do until I retire and move to the country.

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I’ve using Solution for about a year. It’s not perfect, but no back pain yet :slight_smile: I’

I bought an old hospital bed with a frame that moves up and down to build my enclosure on (not started on the build yet). That way I can lower the whole thing when it’s working on a long job or not in use, and use the top for other work. Lots of other woodworkers here use these bedframes to work on normal projects with different hights. Works like a charm. (Here = a creative woodworking hub in the Netherlands)

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Interesting. Can you hit the emergency call button and have someone bring you a drink :blush:

Seems like those would consume a massive amount of space, but maybe not more massive that the 5.

What other work would you want to do on tile while it is in operation? I wouldn’t do anything that would translate to any movement in the machine.