Shapeoko 5 Pro Metal Workers?

Hi Chaps

I have a little beta project that I’d like to test. It’s limited to those running a Shapeoko 5 Pro running metal projects - non ferrous metals.

If you can post a photo of some recent projects - I’d love to see them and you might get an invite to try something.




Do I get to participate? Have done a few things for prototypes.

I thought I had more pictures, but basically did a few of these.
We used round stock, which was more difficult than expected for work holding.

I have stock for another part coming in shortly.


My last aluminum projects:

Mirror finish while roughing at 7.97 in3/min (WOC:0.984", DOC:0.050" FPT:0.003").


Fixture plate and a square:


If I can be of any assistance on my Pro I will help. I like making Brass chips.


What cutter is that if I may ask?

Are you talking about the mirror finish roughing pass? If so, I used a eap300r-c12-25-80-3t with apkt1135 inserts.

that roughing mirror finish is impressive as hell

What spindle are you using? That tool has a 12mm shank.
I would sure like to make cuts like that on my SO5 Shapeoko VFD spindle!
Impressive video. Thanks.

It’s a gpenny 2.2kW 80mm water cooled er20 spindle that I purchased from PWNCNC.

I’m just about to test fire my new Shapeoko 5 Pro tonight and already have a few aluminum and brass projects in the hopper… Interested in what you’d like us to try if it’s still open for new participants!

Test fire? Murphy will be watching. :slightly_smiling_face:

fed the pro some more brass over the weekend.


Murphy was watching… I had an issue with the front panel board that’s been going around. Got up and running without the BitSetter and a new board just showed up today, so I’ll have that all dialed in soon I hope. Meanwhile, it took…a bit more than the 90 minute estimate I saw in one of the C3D videos to assemble. Maybe I’m just slow! :wink:

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