Shapeoko 5 Pro Power Usage

Hey all, I was curious if anyone had the max specs for the Shapeoko 5 Pro power usage, I have the 4x4? Specifically the amperage. If you have the VFD specs too, that would be helpful.

I already know I can’t have my VFD Spindle and controller on the same circuit, the GFCI outlet (not a breaker) tripped. But I plan on having some dedicated 20 amp outlets installed, one for the controller, one for the VFD spindle, and one for dust collection, I have plenty of room in my breaker box. No I do not also have GFCI breakers, just outlets. The existing outlets are all running off the same circuit/breaker and the hot side is coming off the switch to the lights, so I definitely need dedicated outlets.


According to the specifications listed on Carbide 3D’s website, it’s 4 amps for the machine, and 12 amps for the VFD spindle.


Oh, thanks, I missed that on the website, I looked…

Add a decent VAC and you are solidly over 20 amps

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And definitely don’t use or wire a GFCI outlet to the spindle. My initial electrician approved setup had a GFCI as the main outlet for the spindle. When getting to 17k spin speed the GFCI would trigger and shut the power off. Removed the GFCI and everything is working great.

I went up to max spindle speed with no issue on GFCI.

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