Shapeoko 5 Pro Raised Gantry and reversed cable chain mod

I am working a ATC build for my Shapeoko 5 pro. I am planning on using a CNCDepot RM40F Spindle for the build along with a MASSO Touch controller. To get the clearance for a tool rack that doesn’t interfere with the cut volume, I needed to raise the gantry by almost 3 inches. This required a lot of custom milled aluminum for the risers, spindle mount, drag chains, and tram plates. I also custom made a pneumatic dust boot to clear the tools automatically. I am about 90% complete with the build I am working on a full build log probably in the next couple weeks. I am still waiting for the spindle to ship, so the machine is a bunch of pieces right now, so I have been spending more time in Fusion. Thought I would share the latest render.


Looking Great! @Rudeytwotone do you post any of your Fusion files on any public repositories? I’d love to play with some of your creations.

Planning on it, but I want to make sure I have things tuned, tested, and documented before share broadly. I plan on open sourcing a bunch of mods, but I’m admittedly slow to document.

Sounds good. If you ever want to collaborate on anything, throw up a GitHub repo and hit me up.

I’m going to be building masso rear casing similar to yours next.

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